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Cheap cable seals wholesale locks for shipping containers tamper proof security seals


Parameter Description

Material ABS,powder metallurgy,A3 wire rope
Lock body size 22.6*15.5*8.9
diameter 1.8mm
weight 13.62g
fabrication process injection
color red,yellow,orange,blue,green and so on
cable material A3 steel
cable length 23cm-25cm
cable specification  7*7
Printing type Laser marking,hot stamping
marking contents Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
Tensile Strength >3.5KN
product certificate ISO17712
Application Supermarkets,oil,containers,Railway containers,meter boxes,bank purses and so on
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag,1000pcs/carton
Packing weight 14.4kg
Packing size 38*38*13
company certificate ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001



1,1.8mm diameter steel wire, wire standard length of 25cm, the length can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements.

2,plastic sets of locks

3,anti-corrosion, sunscreen.

4,tight type, easy to install.

5,tensile strength: greater than 3.5KN

6,with a wire cutter to remove.



Cable Seals for Transportation & Shipping

No matter what your cargo is, you need to make sure it stays safe on your shipping route. Cable seals for truck doors and shipping containers can help you step up your security. These cargo seals cannot be removed without cable cutters, deterring theft, and feature laser-engraved sequential numbering to provide evidence of tampering.

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