Pull Tight Plastic Adjustable Length Cable Seal with ABS Material

Product Details

Pull Tight Plastic Adjustable Length Cable Seal with ABS material




cable seal Size: 

Length: 30cm or customized


This is the cheapest hexagonal cable seals


The lock housing is made with ZINC and covered with plastic ABS.
The wire is galvanized steel NPC rope wire,we can make the seals with stainless steel rope wire personalized for the different customers.


Red, blue , orange , or customize



Diamter of wire

1.5mm and 1.8mm

Length of wire

20cm. 30cm or customize


1)Printing specifications: customer name or acronym on top , sequential numbers on the bottom

2)Logo: Per request 
3)Serial numbers: Laser printing with back color , up to 7 characters of more than 2mm height, or customized


Function of container seals

The main function of the logistics seal is to wrap the goods to prevent the items from being opened. It is an effective way to protect your goods during the transit and transportation. If the seals are off during the inspection, it can be significantly checked Reduce the risk of theft. Generally by the professional logistics staff to operate, the items on the blockade, the above note barcode, pull will leave traces, the use of a will not be re-used, high safety performance. Logistics seal is usually used for shipping, shipping, department stores, electricity, finance, customs and other security work bandaging.




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