Metal Material Cable Seal

Product Details

Guaranteed quality lock mechanism metal material cable seal used for trailer


Parameter Description

material zinc alloy,A3 wire rope
Lock body size 26.4*19.4*11.76
diameter 2.5mm
weight 27.66g
fabrication process Electrostatic spraying
color red,yellow,orange,blue,green and so on
cable material A3 steel
cable length 23cm-25cm
cable specification  7*7
Printing type Laser marking
marking contents Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
Tensile Strength >6KN
product certificate ISO17712
Application Supermarkets,oil,containers,Railway containers,meter boxes,bank purses and so on
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag,1000pcs/carton
Packing weight 28.44kg
Packing size 38*38*13
company certificate ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001



High security Cable Seal can be used to secure trucks, shipping containers, tankers, railcars, valves. Pull-up-type seal is easily applied by hand. Once closed or cut it cannot be resealed.


The zinc alloy selected for the lock body material has large tensile strength, the surface layer is electrostatically sprayed, and the back has a large area linking platform, which is suitable for marking and can carry more marking contents.


Unique consecutive numeric identification with eight digits laser marked on body to ensure higher security.Optional customization with corporate name, logo or barcode available.


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