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wholesale and retail factory BCCS302


Feature                                                                                                                       Material:     Aluminum alloy and steel wire

Color: Blue/green/yellow/others

Imprinting: Laser printing or hot stamping

Custom ordered:Bar code,Numbering

  • Pressure: High Pressure Mechanical Seals

  • Temperature: Temperature Mechanical Seal

  • Standard: Standard

  • Balance: Balanced

  • Structure: Single End

  • Speed: General Speed Mechanical Seal

  • Performance: High Pressure







1. Resistant to corrosion and weathering
2. Flexible and adjustable
3. Does not require any tools for application
4. Available in different lengths upon request
5. Available in a variety of colors
6. One-time using, can't be opened once locked



The BCCS rates High Security per ISO 17712:2013 testing standard and is C-TPAT and PIP 

compliant. This versatile cable seal fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal 

containers and trailers. The non-preform cable frays wildly when cut and is galvanized for corrosion protection. 

The patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminum housing makes sure your goods are safe 

in transit. ISO 17712 classification High Security Seal.



  • ISO 17712 classification – High Security Seal

  • Tamper-evident non-preformed steel cable unravels

  • when cut and is galvanized for corrosion protection Available in a variety of colors 

  • Can be customized by laser printing a name,logo consecutive numbers and barcode 

  • Minimum Order Quantity for custom versions of this product is more than 100 units



Containers, Trucks, Railroad Cars, Air Cargo Containers 

Tankers, Wagons,Doors, Hatches, Carts, Food Carts, Trolleys.

and all kinds of ISO container, etc.


1.Aluminium alloy,and steel;

2.Flag: 26.5mm X26mm X8.8mm

3.Cable diameter: 1.0 mm  1.5mm 1.8mm 2.0mm 2.5mm  3.0mm  4.0mm  5.0mm  is available 

4.Cable length : 200mm 250mm 300mm 400mm,500mm  or others available upon request;

5.weight: 20.93g(400mm);

6.Removing with cable cutters;





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