Disposable Cable Lock Seals

Product Details

New selling simple design oil resistance viton disposable cable lock seals C208


Material:Aluminum lock head,29*20*8mm

Cable wire size: Diameter 1.5mm,Length 20cm(Standard).

Color:Blue/green/yellow or as customer’s request.

Imprinting:Laser printing

Custom ordered:Bar code,Numbering

No tools required for installation

Guaranteed to stay secure until removed using cable cutters

Zinc body with your choice of either 12" galvanized steel or aluminum

Pick from a variety of colours: Red, Yellow, White, Silver, Black, and Blue

Printed with word "SEALED" and a 6-digit serialized numbering for easy tracking 

Sold per pack containing 100 universal cable seals

It is important that the Disposable Cable Lock Seals that you choose are not only effective in making sure your shipping containers are secure, but that they can also easily show whether or not your container has been breached during shipment. While you might worry about theft from outside sources, it is also important to keep in mind that inside sources working for the company you hire to transport your goods can also pose a risk. We have container locks and shipping container seals that can be used for a wide range of shipping needs, but most importantly, you will be able to quickly determine if your cargo has been tampered with during transit.

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