Cable Seals For Trailer

Product Details

Lock distributors supplies adjustable steel cable seals for trailer


Parameter Description

material Aluminium alloy,A3 wire rope
Lock body size 26*26*7.5
diameter 3.0mm.3.5mm
weight 37.38g
fabrication process Oxidative coloring,stamping
color red,yellow,orange,blue,green and so on
cable material A3 steel
cable length 23cm-25cm
cable specification 7*7
Printing type Laser marking
marking contents Numbers,Letters,mark,bar codes
Tensile Strength >12KN
product certificate ISO17712
Application Supermarkets,oil,containers,Railway containers,meter boxes,bank purses and so on
Packing 100pcs/plastic bag,1000pcs/carton
Packing weight 27.75kg
Packing size 52*30*13
company certificate ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001


Add security to any shipment or area with cable & wire seals! Seals are an important line of defense against tampering and theft.Secure truck & trailer doors, container bins, tank valves, tool boxes, cargo shipments, telephone or cable boxes and much more with cable & wire seals,use in a variety of industries and applications!



Cable seals stay secure until removed with wire cutters and are compliant with ISO 17712 regulations.Cable seals in a variety of sizes and colors. Wire seals are also strong and feature tamper-resistant fasteners. Wire seals are available in multiple material combinations to meet your specific needs and require wire cutters for removal.


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