Cable Cargo Security Seals

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ISO17712 standard shipping container cable cargo security seals C203





Lock head :26*22*6mm

Wire diameter: Diameter 1.5mm,2.5mm,Length 20cm(Standard).

Diameter & length as per custom ordered.


Packing :

1) PE Bag : 100 pieces per pag ( according to length and weight )

           With the same range of serial numbers.

           10 bags one carton box

           1pc net weight:13.75g

           1000pcs in a carton:14kg

2) Box Size: 39x38x11cm

3) Packed in Pallets




The cable cargo security seals rates High Security per ISO 17712:2013 testing standard and is C-TPAT and PIP compliant. This versatile cable seal fits many applications and is popular for sealing bulk railcars and intermodal containers and trailers. The non-preform cable frays wildly when cut and is galvanized for corrosion protection. The patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminum housing makes sure your goods are safe in transit. ISO 17712 classification  High Security Seal.


Protect your most valuable shipments.    


Galvanized steel aircraft cable frays when cut.

Consecutively numbered.

cable cargo security seals is ideal for sealing tankers and rail cars.

Extra long  for sealing keeper bars on containers and trailers.

Our products are C-TPAT and ISO 17712 compliant.





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