Snap Tracker Bolt Seal

Product Details

BC-B406 China Container with customized barcode

Product Name

Container bullet seal with customized barcode

Material Q235A Steel &ampABS
Color Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange,Red Etc
Printing Laser or stamping
Lock Body Dia 8mm
Packing 10 pcs plastic box 25 boxes /carton 250pcs/carton
Used Containers,Trucks,Doors
Certification bolt seal with ISO PAS17712
Application All kinds of ISO compliant containers,trailers
Trucks ,Van trucks,Tank trucks


lPackage material:carton or plastic box



The Bolt Seal - CTPAT COMPLIANT and meets the standard for a high security seal, as described in ISO 17712: 2013 specifications.

The Bolt Seal is a barrier class bolt seal, designed to secure high value loads. A solid steel bolt provides strength, while a molded plastic liner provides evidence of tampering.


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Product Feature:

The bolt and the body are stuck to avoid spinning.

The large banner on the pin and body allows laser printed information to be read easily.

ISO Classification 17712 HIGH SECURITY SEAL

Both parts numbered to avoid fraud by replacing bolt or body.

The pieces are enclosed in a single package to facilitate the use and accurate tracking of the numbers.

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