ISO 17712 Shipping Container Seals

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ISO 17712 shipping container seals BC-B201



bolt seal BC-B201

Number/bar code/ logo/company the printing is valid

Material Q235A carbon steel, wrapped with ABS

Total length: 85.1mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm

Width: 22.3mm

Strength: 20KN



1.Laser priting or Hot stamping.
2.Customer's company name logo,sequential numbers.
3.Bar code,QR code is available.
4.Non erasable.

5.A variety of colors and styles.



Packing standard: 10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton

Carton dimension: 49*32*15cm

Carton net weight: 15.9kg



Trailer, oil tank truck,

Railway transportation, tool cabinet

Safe box, locker


Bochuang Company Information

Unfortunately, theft from shipping containers is increasingly common. Criminals are ever more skilled in breaking seals to containers. After removal of the goods from the container, the seal is imperceptibly restored to its original state, thus giving the impression that the container has been closed during transport and while being stored in the port, while in fact it wasn’t.

Prevent theft by applying an HS container seal

Theft from your shipping container can be prevented by using an HS seal. As opposed to a standard seal, this particular container seal cannot be loosened. The seal is equipped with a steel wire, which unravels at sabotage and with an anti-spin system that prevents counterfeiting

Bochuang can provide you with these special HS seals, allowing you to prevent thieves from opening your container unnoticed and to protect your cargo from theft.



We also market Container Seals which have lengths of 70-110 mm.

This container seal is plastic coated. Locking Rod is forged from Carbon Steel and the Locking Body may be stamped with your company's name / logo and serial numbers.

This container seal can be used on Marine Containers, Railway Wagons, Airline Containers, Truck Containers etc etc.


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