High Security Plastic Container Bolt Seals

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High Security plastic container Bolt seals BC-B202

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Item Name

Bolt Seal

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Postal services, Courier services and Bags,etc.All kinds of Containers, Trucks, Tanks, Doors.


1.Net Weight:57.28g/pcs

2.Diameter of steel core:4mm—10mm,customized
3.Color:red,yellow,bule or customized colors


1.Laser printing or hot stamping

2.Customer's company name logo, Sequential numbers
3.Bar code or QR code is available


10 pcs/box, 25 boxes/carton,250 pcs/carton


First, purchase quality control:

1. The raw material quality requirements and various specifications are specified in the procurement contract.

2. Testing and acceptance of raw materials according to technical conditions. The

Second, process quality control:

1, the preparation of process technology documents and inspection standards, and strict organization and implementation.

2. Establish quality control points for each process of the product.

3. Select products every day and perform destructive tests, including testing the pull force.

4, molds, inspection tools, production equipment and other regular arrangements and maintenance.


Third, the factory control:

1, before the factory all products for the full inspection (including surface color, finish, coding clarity and lock body function test).

2. Organize product quality sampling inspection according to a certain proportion, and perform destructive testing; and perform quality acceptance according to user requirements.

3, the implementation of product quality responsible person management.

4, product quality with comprehensive and after-sales service.


High security seal is our common one-time lock locked on the container, because it has a high tensile strength (usually can reach about 11000N), which makes it have a good effect in terms of cargo security, and high security seal It is also able to customize.

Like other seal products, the high security seal can also be customized, and the color of the seal can be customized according to the requirements. The company information, bar code, code and the like can also be laser engraved on the surface of the seal. In this case, there are not many customization requirements for high security seals. If you want to achieve the uniqueness of seals, you need to choose high security seals that can be combined with RFID chips. Through the RFID chip's unique identification code function, so as to achieve anti-imitation effect. High Security Seals are currently mainly used for security protection in containers, container trucks, trucks, and car bodies. Later, there will be more high-security seals with built-in RFID chips applied to these industries to escort cargo security.



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