Door Lock Bolt Seal

Product Details

C-TPAT Compliant tamper proof high security BC-B304


Material Q235A carbon steel, and wrapped with ABS

Total length: 79.1mm.

Width: 19.1mm

Strength: 20KN



Serial number, logo, barcode, etc.

Laser printing or hot stamping


Packing details

Packing standard: 10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton

Carton dimension: 49*32*15cm

Carton net weight: 15.9kg

Description of

  1. The product conforms to ISO/PAS17712 standard requirements

  2. This type seal is applied to ocean container shipping and other trucks.

  3. Both bolt and cylinder are made of high quality low-carbon steel

  4. Outer is coated with ABS plastic

  5. Printing can be with laser printing and hot stamping.

  6. Custom service: company name&logo, sequentail number and barcode number are available.



1. Resistant to corrosion and weathering
2. High Security
3. Removed with bolt cutters
4. Available in a variety of colors

1. Containers
2. Trailers
3. Rail Cars



Bochuang supply a large assortment of container seals. In addition to high security bolt seals that are used for sealing containers, the demand for barrier seals has increased.


A barrier security seal requires both a power cutting tool such as an angle grinder and a cable cutter for removal to prevent break-ins by thieves who generally do not carry such sophisticated tools with them. More than a container seal, more than a container lock, barrier seals are both, and then some. Affixing a high security barrier seal to the container’s keeper bars prevent container doors from swinging open.If you are looking for the best container security on the market, you cannot get better than the range of container seals from Bochuang.

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