Custom Container Bolt Seals

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BC-B405 China factory free sample customized logo cargo custom container bolt seals

custom container bolt seals


Large printing area design

Width: 22.9mm Height:85.6mm Diameter:8mm

Strength: 20KN


Simple in use,on tools,just check if the two parts are locked tightly

Cut off by bolt cutter and pay attention to protect your eyes

custom container bolt seals

ModelB405 cargo container locks seal
MaterialQ235A steel, ABS
FeatureHeavy-Duty Bolt Seal
Designed with large marking area
ImprintingLaser printing or hot stamping
Custom orderedNumbering, logo, barcode
Standard Packaging10 pcs/box, 25 boxes/carton
Trailer doors/bulk tankers
Fibre drums/storage cabinets

Custom Container Bolt Seals


Total seal number encapsulation with non-rotatable pin insertion

Matching seal number on pin and barrel for tighter security control

Entire plastic enclosure for the barrel and pin is made of hard durable SAN plastic to reveal evidence of any attempts at tampering

Hardened steel locking mechanism is enclosed in a heavy-duty plastic barrel

All material components are zinc coated to protect against environmental attack

custom container bolt seals

Custom Container Bolt Seals

High Security Seal – ISO 17712:2013 “H” certificated, C-TPAT compatible.
Powerbolt Vision comes with a large print area for optimum visual effect.
The seal can be customised with name, logo, barcode and sequential number. The cylinder is fitted witha transparent polycarbonate cover that protects the print area against manipulation attempts.
Powerbolt Vision is supplied in packs of 10 seals (25 blister packs per carton).
The unique anti-spin construction prevents friction attacks.
The bolt seal can be removed with bolt cutters or with an angle grinder.

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