C-TPAT Security Container Seal, One Time Use Lock Bullet Bolt Seal

Product Details

C-tpat Security Container Seal, One Time Use lock Bullet Bolt Seal


Galvanized Q235a steel body,ABS coating




Customized options

Customer name,logo,sequential numbers and barcode


By bolt cutters



Container bolt seal.

ISO 17712-2013: High Security Seals.

C-TPAT / ISO17712 test certificate

Basic model in which the pin and seal casing are connected to each other.

The metal locking components are encased in an opaque ABS plastic shield that easily breaks, revealing any tampering attempt.

Data into the synthetic material by laser printing, which makes fraud impossible.

Possibility to duplicate serial number on the head of the pin.

Unparalleled security features:

Identification of the sealing body by laser. The data are burned into a white label and protected by a transparent window, so that manipulating or erasing the data is impossible without damaging the sealing body.



We have a long standing and highly trained team of packaging technologists. In fact with an extensive knowledge and accessibility of worldwide packaging products, techniques and automation. Indeed, we can suggest and provide up to the minute solutions to the most demanding issues you may have.

There is more to good security than simply strength. Over many years of developing seals we have witnessed so many recurrent tampering methods that we are convinced that the main threat to the user is tampering and hidden substitution rather than destruction.

Our unique design, in wich all markings on the seal are fully encapsulated, ensures modification is impossible without destroying the seal.


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