C-TPAT Compliant Security Seal Container High Security Bolt Seal

Product Details

C-TPAT Compliant Security Seal container high security bolt seal BC-B304


Material Q235A carbon steel, and wrapped with ABS

Total length: 79.1mm.

Width: 19.1mm

Strength: 20KN



Serial number, logo, barcode, etc.

Laser printing or hot stamping



Packing details

Packing standard: 10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton

Carton dimension: 49*32*15cm

Carton net weight: 15.9kg



Simple in use, just plug bolt seal shaft into cap without need of tool

Check if the two parts are locked tightly

Cut off by bolt cutter and pay attention to protect your eyes

Trailer, oil tank truck,

Railway transportation, tool cabinet

Safe box, locker



The ISO/ PAS 17712 standards require seals to “meet or exceed certain standards for strength and durability so as to prevent accidental breakage, early deterioration (due to weather conditions, chemical action, etc.) or undetectable tampering under normal usage. ISO/PAS 17712 also requires that each seal be clearly and legibly marked with a unique identification number.”

The burden of ensuring that high-security seals are utilized on import containers now falls on the importer, even if the importer is a CTPAT member. The importer is the party that CBP will hold responsible, should an import container be found lacking a high-security seal. (CBP may assess civil penalties for violations of the container seal requirements.)

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