C-TPAT and High Security Container Bolt Seal

Product Details

C-TPAT and high security container bolt Seal BC-B203



Model: BC-B203 High security bolt seal 
Diameter:  8mm
Cylinder diameter: 20mm
Tensile strength: over 20KN


Product Name

BC-B203 container bolt seal 


High grade Q235A steel (pin & bush) and ABS plastic


Yellow , Green , White, or customize


Conform to new edition of ISO/PAS17712:2013 standard requirements,"H" certificated, C-TPAT compliant


1. laser printing
2. Company logo or name
3. Sequential numbers up to 8 digits
4. Bar code decoration is also available upon requests !


10 pieces/ box, 25 boxes / Carton box

How to lock

Put the pin into the lock housing and then clamp them lightly by hands.


1.Ocean containers shipping, all kinds of ISO containers
2.Van trucks, tank trucks



Our bolt seals feature a unique metal-on-metal interlocking mechanism -- making it the highest security bolt seal on the market. These seals are C-TPAT compliant and meet the new design and construction standards of ISO 17712:2013, which provides improved security.

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